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Behavioural Expectations

Mangakahia Area School operate a restorative behaviour management system in order to create a harmonious learning environment where pupils are able to self-regulate their own behaviour and learning. 

The restorative approach has been very effective in improving learning and behaviour in primary and secondary settings.  

We encourage our students to respect each other by listening to the opinions of others and learning to value them, to take responsibility for their actions, and to develop the necessary skills to identify solutions that may repair harm and ensure behaviours are not repeated.  
We also help students to work through a supportive process that aims to problem solve and allow them to remain in mainstream education. 

Questions we may ask students about their behaviour 

    Can you explain what happened?
    How did it happen?
    How did you act in this situation?
    Who do you think has been affected by this?
    How were they affected?
    How were you affected?
    What needs to happen to make things right?
    If the same situation happens again, what could you do differently?

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