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Careers and Transition

The following website links are a great starting point for Students and Parents seeking career information in New Zealand.

  • Use the interactive tools to help sort out potential future career options.

  • Use the Jobs database to find out about what you need to get into a job

  • Use the Education and training button to find out about potential providers for the qualification you need AND to find out about scholarships


This is a Scholarship Database for almost all Scholarships in New Zealand. Students can access this website free at school or at the Rotorua Public Library. All the Universities and Polytechnics have their own Scholarship Pages on their websites.

This website guides students in making the best choices for your future. SchoolConnect caters to students, parents and careers counsellors. It is not the new Wikipedia – it’s more than just a website with a bunch of information. With a range of resources including discussion forums, testimonials and quizzes, there is something for everyone.

What students & Parents need to know about financing Your Tertiary Study! Save time get it all done online!

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