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Digital Citizenship


We at Mangakahia supply our students with a Chromebook to use while at school.


We have learned that our students appreciate all of the exciting possibilities that the digital world offers for learning new things, socialising with others and connecting with ideas and people all over the world. We also know that our young people regularly encounter challenges online such as social exclusion, bullying, inappropriate behaviour and pornography.


Digital Citizenship Responsible Use Agreement

As a learning community, with the help of the Student Council, we have been working together to develop our Digital Citizenship Responsible Use Agreement within the framework of our College Values and the Harmful Digital Communications Act.


Reporting Online Concerns

Let’s work together to provide a safe and enjoyable online learning environment for all. To support this we also have an anonymous online reporting tool - our WC Bullying Free Helpline - to use if there is anything happening that is potentially harmful to anyone in our community, both online and offline.


And remember that if you need help our Guidance Teams are here to support us and we can also report online harm to Netsafe.



Resources for Parents

Have a look at Netsafe's Online Safety Parent Toolkit - this covers advice and further resources about some of the key challenges our young people face online, with a particular focus on: Online bullying, Unwanted contact, Social media, Sexting and Inappropriate content.

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