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Emergency Planning

The school has a duty of care to our school community to plan for events such as fires, earthquakes, lockdowns and other major risks to the safety of students and staff.

The senior leadership team along with the staff Health and Safety Committee oversee the preparation and management of the emergency response procedures to ensure staff and students are made aware of these procedures, and that there are practices on a regular basis. We also have a large number of staff who update their first aid qualifications on a regular basis.

The school has ample water, canned food and medical supplies in storage in the event staff and students have to stay on site after a major event such as an earthquake.  All attempts will be made to contact parents or designated adults to facilitate the reunification of families. We will only release students to people already approved by the parent/caregiver for that purpose.  It is important the contact details in the student’s school record are up to date and accurate.  Students who can’t be united with family will be supervised by a skeleton staff on site to ensure their safety.  They will not be released without contact first being made with their family.

Staff and students will evacuate to the Rear Basket Ball Court in the event of an earthquake or fire or after the all clear has been given by NZ Police following a lockdown.

‍Communication with Parents

The school will use the following means to communicate with parents and caregivers in an emergency:

  • text

  • email

  • School Links

  • school website

If internet, mobile and phone lines are down, we will use a local radio station (Ngati Hine FM) to broadcast messages through.


If the school needs to go into lockdown we won’t be letting anyone in to the school once we have shut our doors.  We will be under the direction of the NZ Police.

Please wait for information and instruction from us and do not come to the school until asked to do so.

Reunification process following an emergency event

The school will be evacuated and assembled on the Turf.  If the decision is made to evacuate the site, parents who wish to can collect their students by driving up the main drive and reporting to Prefabs P5 or 6 at the top of the drive. Your son will be brought to you.

Many families will come on site to collect their children.

If this is not possible, contact will be made by the Tutor Teacher or other staff member.  Please advise which of the following actions you wish the school to take;

  1. Allow your son to leave the school on his own with instructions from you as to how he is to get home or make contact with family.

  2. Instruct your sons and daughters to remain on school property under the supervision of staff until he is collected by a member of the family or a designated adult.

  3. That reunification with family cannot be made due to circumstances and that he is to remain at school for a longer period of time – possibly overnight(up to three days).

  4. Any other arrangements the family wish to request.

  5. If contact cannot be made with family members or the designated adult, the school will take care and responsibility for your son who will remain on-site. The school has made preparations to provide shelter, food and water for a period up to three days.

Updated Contact Information

It is important we have updated contact information so please check that we have current mobile/work/home numbers. Please email the school on if you have recently changed any of these details.

If you would like any further information about our emergency management planning, please contact us.

School Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Visitors please note - Visitors to Mangakahia Area School are to follow the instructions of school staff in the event of any emergency. The assembly point is the basketball court behind the Primary classrooms.

‍Emergency Fire Evacuation 

If you discover a fire:

     Give the alarm: tell a teacher or a prefect. Ring the nearest fire alarm bell.

If the alarm sounds:

     Follow your teacher's instructions.

     Use the evacuation route for the room you are in.

     Assemble in Tutor class lines on the Turf.

Closures due to Flooding

If the school is to be closed early because of flooding, and there is not a situation where personal safety is an issue, ALL bus students will report to their allocated room (below) when local students are released to go home.

A teacher will be assigned to each bus route. This teacher will be responsible for checking the bus list and will supervise the transfer of the students to their bus.

Families up the Valley and at Pipiwai are rung immediately.

Emergency Earthquake Evacuation

If you feel an earthquake:

Take cover under a desk, in a doorway, or assume the turtle position. (Drop, cover, hold routine)

Hold onto the legs of desk to stop it moving away.

Do not run outside.

When shaking stops:

Follow your teacher's instructions.

Do not leave the building unless an evacuation is ordered.

Assemble in Tutor class lines on the Basketball Court behind Primary Block.

Evacuation of Buildings: General

If an emergency evacuation is ordered:

Follow your teacher's instructions.

Use the evacuation route for the room you are in.

Leave bags behind.

Walk briskly. Do not run.

Do not use lifts.

Report to tutor class assembly point on the basketball court

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