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Expectations of Students

When a student joins our kura, they pledge the following:


As a student of Mangakahia Area School I will :

  • Be good to people 

  • Look after my body, mind, heart and spirit Look after the school’s property and belongings Wear my uniform with pride 

  • Strive - Work hard  

  • Try My Best

  • Aim High

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The expectations unpacked

Our school is a health-promoting, restorative and secure place for respectful, responsible, and safe teaching and learning. 

We require that students 

  1. Respect themselves, all other people, and the environment around them, treat them with care

  2. Respect the school and its rules and expectations

  3. Attend school all the time (a minimum of 95% attendance)

  4. Get to every class on-time ready to learn

  5. Wear their correct school uniform with pride

For your son or daughter’s safety we ask that :

  • Parents dropping students off at school do so in the side carpark entrance (never across the road)

  • Bus students obey the driver – failure do so can result in the student being permanently refused transport by the bus owner – this is the owner’s legal right

  • Parents notify the school of an absence by 9am and send a note on the child’s return

  • Parents collecting students during school hours sign them out through the office

  • Students sign in if late and sign out if going off-site, in case of emergency bells, to track whereabouts

  • Students do not cross the road to the Titoki Store before, during or after school (parents who need items from the shop write a note for the school office, who will deal with it)

  • Year 12-13 students may drive motor vehicles to school only with prior consent of the Principal, including approval to transport another student.  Student drivers are expected to comply with the law in regard to all        matters related to the use of a private motor vehicle especially conditions applicable to those on restricted licences.


Please note :


  • The school accepts no responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, personal property brought to school e.g. phones, devices non-uniform clothes and shoes, watches, calculators, musical instruments  – these are the absolute responsibility of individual owners. Please note all is theft reported to Police.

  • Students pay for the replacement or repair of anything they damage or break including windows, books, desk tops and other school furniture, and school walls (graffiti)

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