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Student Support and Guidance

In order to learn, students need to be healthy, safe and secure. They cannot learn when they are sick, hungry, tired or upset.



We are a health-promoting school working with Manaia Primary Health Organisation.

  • The Public Health Nurse visits the school each Monday and is based in the Student Support Centre. Students can self-refer. Parents may refer children through the office. The Public Health Nurse gives all 5 year olds a health check with parental permission.

  • Family Works and Jigsaw North Manaaki Whanau Services - Counselling services are available on request.

School Dental Service - appointments, checks and follow-ups are made through the school.

To aid with health and learning - No Lollies or Fizzy drinks please.

We provide filtered water for the students, we encourage healthy eating. We are part of the Ministry of Education Ka Ora, Ka Ako Healthy Lunches Program - Free healthy lunches in schools..


We are a Smoke-Free and Restorative Environment.

Sickness and Injuries

Please do not send a sick child to school.  Please notify the school by 9am. This is URGENT for our school safety system.  Please send a note with the student to give to the form teacher on return to school.  We can send work home during prolonged illness or absence – please ring the office. If a student becomes unwell at school they are placed in sickbay. We phone family or their nominated emergency contact, to collect the child. A day in the sickbay is not an acceptable option for a sick student.


If a student is injured at school we try to contact the parents or the emergency contact immediately. If parents are unable to be contacted, a member of the school staff may take the child to town for medical treatment. We will call an ambulance when necessary.


We record all instances of sickness or injury including the time spent in sickbay and timing of phone calls. Students sometimes claim they were unattended and in sickbay ‘all day’, please check with the office.


Medic Alert and Medication

Should your child come under this category the school MUST be notified. Asthmatic drugs and similar medication to be administered are kept in the sick bay. Staff are trained to manage epilepsy and asthma events.


Health Education


Students study health through timetabled Health classes.

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