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Classroom Activity
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Music Class
Music Class

The vision in the New Zealand Curriculum "is for young people":

  • who will be creative, energetic and enterprising

  • who will seize the opportunities offered by new knowledge and technologies to secure a sustainable social, cultural, economic and environmental future for our country

  • who will work to create an Aotearoa New Zealand in which Maori and Pakeha recognise each other as full treaty partners, and in which all cultures are valued for the contributions they bring

  • who, in their school years, will continue to develop the values, knowledge and competencies that will enable them to live full and satisfying lives

  • who will be confident, connected, actively involved and lifelong learners."

As an important part of fulfilling this mission, and realising the vision, we are pleased to be able to offer you an extensive range of subjects.

Primary School - Te Kura Tuatahi

What is great about an Area School is its family connections.  Our kura is one large whanau, many of our students in the Primary School have older siblings or whanau in the Secondary School. Our Primary school consists of Ngā Kākano Years 0-3 and Mātātupu Years 4-7.

Secondary School - Te Kura Tuarua

Year 8-10 students follow a compulsory programme in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education, Art, Digital processing and technology. The objective is to give students a broad range of experience and skill development to enable informed choices regarding academic and vocational pathways

In Years 11,12 and 13 students choose 5 courses for full year study as well as completing vocational rich block programmes mainly through external providers. These courses lead to higher national qualifications at both academic and vocational levels.

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