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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees (BOT) elections are held in May every 3 years.

There are two Board of Trustees Meetings per term.


Please see the Board Plan to see what is included in each meeting, and which Policies are to be reviewed. 

You are welcome at any Board meeting, please contact the School Office for when the next Board Meeting is scheduled.

If you would like a copy of any Board minutes please email


Rachel Clothier-Simmonds


David Tribble

Parent Rep

Pre-siding Member

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Rochelle Pou

Parent Rep

BOT Trustee

Casual parent rep vacancy


Ric Drake

Staff Rep

BOT Trustee

Board casual vacancy: At the February, 2024 Board of Trustees meeting the Board passed a resolution to fill the casual vacancy by ‘selection’ and therefore invites anyone who is interested to submit an application to fill this vacant position.  Applications should include a statement about what skills, knowledge and/or experience they would bring to the Board, along with completing an Eligibility Criteria Declaration Form.

Please send these statements and Eligibility Criteria Declaration Forms to by 9am on Wednesday 3rd April, 2024.  The Board will consider these applications shortly after this date with a view to formally selecting the new Board member at the 10th April Board meeting. 

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