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Primary School - Te Kura Tuatahi

What is great about an Area School is its family connections.  Many of our students in the Primary School have older siblings or whanau in the Secondary School. 


Our kura is one large whanau.

Room 1 

We welcome new entrants and students at Year 1 and 2 to Mangakahia Area School.  

Topic for Term 3 & 4: Birds of New Zealand.  We are making nests, writing poems, and finding information about Birds of New Zealand.  We have visited the Bird Recovery center.  Some of the students have decided to present their information in the form of a book in the shape of their chosen bird, a board game and a poster.  This is part of our literacy, science and social sciences curriculum.

We are lucky enough to be a Little Garden League class and have a full kit from New World.  We received them before it was public knowledge and have kept the secret.  We are growing our vegetables and herbs and doing some activities and will report back to New World at the end of our learning.  This is part of our literacy and math curriculum.

In math's this term we are looking at Geometry and Number knowledge.  We have made a picture patterns and used reflection rotation and translation to create a sample border.  The juniors are learning how  to make number (1-10) and ordering numbers to 20 and year 2 -3 are learning about ty and teen numbers.

We continue to read daily in groups.  The juniors choose from a collection of books around a topic (playing, animals, size, going out etc.).  They read a book and draw a picture and write about their picture.  The other groups read and have follow up work that ranges from ordering sentences, work finds, learning about prefix and suffix and much more.

Phonics work is done with the juniors and any others who need it.  I start by teaching them the phonemes - smallest sound and tri-graphs - 3 letters that make a sound.

The use of chrome books to assist our learning happens throughout the lessons.  We run programs that support math, reading and phonics.  We also use them to investigate our topics and publish work.

During the week we practice for Kapa Haka in class, play games, do Jump Jam, visit the library and many more activities.

Visitors - each week Wylie from Sport Northland comes and works with us to learn new games.  Hayley from Northland Rugby has come and taught us 'How to play Rippa Rugby'.

Term 4 is busy with Twilight Show, Kapa Haka Festival and visiting Room 3 and Link when they are at camp.  We will be studying Growth Mindset and the Power of Yet.

Class Room Work Board
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Room 3 & 4


Students in Year 3 and 4 learn via a cross-curricular program of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health & PE and Technology.

Every week students visit specialist teachers in the Learning Areas of Art, Music and Te Reo Maori.

Students Learning Horticulture
William Pike Challenge Award


The William Pike Challenge Award (WPCA) provides Full Primary and Middle Schools with support, resources and motivation to facilitate Education Outside the Classroom.


The WPCA is an outdoor activity-based programme run over one school year. Groups of students participate in 

  • outdoor activities

  • community service, and 

  • personally develop a new sport or hobby.


The WPCA is a gateway to new experiences, opportunities and a means of developing a positive youth culture for the nation.


To find out more, go to

WilliamPike link to website
Titoki Playcentre


For further information, please click on the below image where you will be redirected to our 'Playcentre's' page.

Links to the Playcentre page


Link consists of Year 7 and 8 students learning in an integrated program of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies.


All student learning in Mathematics is further strengthened via MathsWhizz.


Every week students enjoy the benefits of specialist teachers in Health and PE, Technology, Art, Music, and Te Reo Maori.


The Key Competencies including that of Relating to Others and Managing Self is practiced via the William Pike Challenge Award that every student in Link is enrolled.

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